This character was my first try at making a videogame character since a long time, and also my first try at the next gen type of character, normal mapping to be exact.

I've decided to do this character after browsing the forum of cgsociety and seeing a character that someone made for the dominance war contest, and since all entries of that contest needs to have the workflow of their character show to everybody, I had a good tutorial on next gen character making. And the image to the left is the result.(please note that any time you can click on a image to get to full version).

This character first started as a character as one of my character in a ad&d game (tabletop one). I really like to draw the character that I play so I did and the result is the firest one on the right.

When I've decided to remake her in 3d some years later, I chaged her character design, which I though at the time, wasn't complicated enough to see something good with the normal maps. Even if I did like the result I don't think today that more complex neccessary means better.


So once the conceptual work was done, i've jumped into max and made a stub mesh, well at the time I think i've made it pretty complex at the start, as I learned later, you mostly need to do an even placed quad mesh and maybe add more quad to place with more detail, but no more than that. And well, you can always retopologize.

After that I when into zbrush and did two detailling pass on the body and then went to do the armor as you can see with the bunch of images below.

I don't really recall much detail from doing my work in zbrush since it's been 2 years since I did it, but I recall to be sure to make the back of the armor on the basic mesh in max, but once in zbrush, I did get troubles from the subdivided mesh on the side of the armor.

So the final result in zbrush look just like the image on the left, i've used the polyboost tools for max to make the low rez mesh for the character, I don't recall exactly, but i've think i've used xnormal for the normal map and the ambiant occlusion map.

Then I went into photoshop and made the color, spec, opacity, glossiness and emmisive map which you can see the result just below.

So i've added a wooden scenery for the final image, and then tried to get it into the exotic 4 call for entries, I guess it wasn't good enough, since it didn't get picked ;)

So that's it, what I can remember when I've done this character. At least i've gotten a good understading on how to do a next gen character, even if it wasn't perfect.