Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What software are you using?

I use 3ds max 2010 for hard surface modeling, Zbrush for organic modeling and to add texture ( dent and bump ) to hard surface modeling. And my texture are done in photoshop.

Q: What hardware do you have to do that?

Currently I own a Core 2 duo with 4 gig of ram, a 24" and 21" monitor, a wacom tablet and a 3d mouse.

Q: Since you are french Canadian, why havn't you done the site in french?

Well mostly because most peoples on the internet read english and because it's a little bit more time consuming to do a site in two language. And lastly since I did this site to get a job and that most job in that domain require you to at least understand english, I did it in english. But my old website is still up, and is still in 2 language, so check it out here :

La réponse en francais est que la majorité du monde sur internet lisent l'anglais et que ca demande plus de temp de faire le site dans les deux langues, aussi le fait que la majorité des jobs dans mon domaine demande de parlé l'anglais, donc je l'ai fait en anglais. Mais mon vieu site est toujours en ligne, donc allez le voir a :