Welcome to my portfolio site, if you wish to see my lastest work, move to the Recent work right away, if not, well you can continu reading. :) I've done this website so I could show what I can do as an artist and hopefully get the attention of an employer.

I've done this website right after I've finished the workshop by Jonathan Rush on Next generation videogame character creation. I tought I could use it to show my artwork and also my process on each new pieces that I did, so all recent work will have their own page with images on how I did the artwork, the pipeline i've use and maybe hopefully inform and/or help other peoples on doing that kind of art.

So here is a small description on each link you can find in the menu list.

  • "Home" is the page you are looking right now.
  • "Recent work" are finished recent work that I have done, probably spanning on two to three years.
  • "Work in progress" is where you can see what I am currently working on right now.
  • "Old work" are exactly what it sound like, old work :) It's mostly a gallery of images.
  • "Resume" pretty self-explanitory.
  • "Contact" is the way to contact me.
  • "FAQ" is the frequently asked questions even if I don't have receive many question right now ;)

So here you have it, feel free to contact me about anything and enjoy the site.

Pascal Dupré